Update Site has moved to Bintray

Because the space I have available from my internet provider is only 50Mb and because we started experiencing problems when installing due to (I guess) a firewall issue, I needed to look for an alternative for the diagram editor’s Eclipse update site.  Bintray offers a lot more space, so that from now on I can publish each new version while retaining the previous ones (the actual update site however only contains the latest version).

Apart from installing through HTTPS instead of HTTP, you shouldn’t notice too many differences when installing the product for the first time via the Eclipse Marketplace Client, nothing has changed in that respect (I hope you don’t have too much trouble because of HTTPS, you might need to talk to your firewall guys or download the archive with your browser).

If you already have installed the diagram editor and you would like to continue to receive updates, you should change the update site in the Eclipse preferences.  Look for the update site definition and change the URL from http://users.skynet.be/luc_h/dmlj to https://dl.bintray.com/kozzeluc/dmlj/latest :


If you make this modification and run ‘Help/Check for Updates’, you can update to the new version 3.1.0.  The only new feature is the ‘Copy to Clipboard‘ menu item, which lets you copy your entire diagram to your clipboard, allowing you to paste it in the graphics program of your choice (Paint, …).  I think this can be of help when cutting up your diagram into several pages (because printing large diagrams is still problematic in the diagram editor).

For now, version 3.0.2 will stay for some time at the old update site URL, but I won’t put any new version there.  So you really should change your update site definition.

The installation manual has been updated.  You can now download the update site archive from Bintray and stash it on your local file system; this wasn’t possible in the past.


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