Version 3.0.0 is out

It’s been a while since the previous version (2.1.0) was published, but I’ve been working quite hard on this new version for the last 5 months or so.

Why a new major version ?  Because the DSL that was introduced in version 2.1.0 now has its own file extension :  .schemadsl.  You can now save diagrams in this new file format and you’ll see that it is a LOT more human readable than the .schema file extension that was (and still is) the standard.  A drawback of the new file format is that it takes longer to load a diagram; not such a big deal for small diagrams, but I’m sure you’ll notice the difference for IDMSNTWK. The big advantage however is that it now makes sense to compare a .schemadsl diagram with a previous version (which you’ve put aside or kept in a version control system like Subversion or GIT) AND you can tweak the file yourself. You can set the default file extension in the preferences and can easily switch between the 2 using the File menu’s ‘Save As…’ menu item (just change the file extension).

Another big improvement in the new version is the ability to manage a record type’s elements :  besides copying the structure from another record in 1 of your diagrams, you can now enter the record elements DSL yourself or connect to a CA IDMS dictionary and use a record synonym’s elements.

An overview of all what’s new and noteworthy in (GIT) commit comment style :

  1. Record element management changes :
    • Add ‘Edit record element(s)’ bottom hyperlink to general record properties
    • Invoke import record elements wizard from record length property section
    • Replace schema syntax by rec. el. DSL on import rec. elements wizard’s 1st page
    • Add the preview page to the import record elements wizard
    • Develop the ‘Import from DSL’ record elements import tool
    • Develop the import record elements from a mainframe dictionary tool
    • Set help available to false for the import record elements wizard
    • Change undo/redo ‘Import Record Elements’ to ‘Edit Record Elements’
  2. DSL changes :
    • Suppress area body in schema DSL when empty (e.g. area DDLDCTRC in IDMSNTWK)
    • Fine-tune the area and record procedure call related DSL
    • Restyle the record elements DSL syntax
  3. Groovy :
    • Upgrade Groovy to v2.4.7
  4. Miscellaneous changes :
    • Implement the ‘edit schema comments’ feature
    • Develop the dialog to maintain an area or record’s procedure call specs
    • Provide read-only feature for the diagram editor
    • Diagrams can be opened from the SVN Repositories view (read-only)
    • Add support for the .schemadsl file extension
    • Add diagram preferences page and default file extension preference
    • Adapt New Schema Wizard to take default file extension into account
    • Adapt Import/Update Schema Wizard to take default file extension into account
    • Closing all .schemadsl files on workbench shutdown is configurable
    • Provide model diagram for the current Ecore Diagram Editor
  5. Bug fixes :
    • Rulers are ignored in the DSL and are lost when saving to .schemadsl
    • Prevent NullPointerException when saving with Eclipse Neon

I’ll try to elaborate on some of these items in future posts…


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